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Telecommunication Service Provider selects Exempler LLC to ensure optimal network service performance.

5th Nov 2008

PCTL is a leading telecom service provider in Pakistan

Pakistan's largest converged services provider, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, PTCL, has turned to Exempler's FTS feature call service test systems to tame growing service issues, enhance customer experience and save millions of dollars by automated testing of new service roll-out, real-time diagnostic and fix feature call service.
Chosen from among dozens of vendors, Exempler will deploy its FTS Lab and Mobile test systems in the PSTN, wireless, and VoIP area of the PTCL network.
PTCL has rolled out a series of new services and call features based on the broadband wireless and data networks. PTCL, through acquisitions, has since doubled its network capacity. "We are manually testing service roll-out and feature call testing and diagnostics. Our network and customer base will grow as well, and it becomes an inefficient way of service assurance. And it's a costly way to do it."
To keep up, CIO of PTCL Rana Iqbal Aziz decided to consolidate call feature testing and diagnostics into a uniformed automated testing platform. PTCL has decided to install Exempler's FTS feature call test systems in its facilities across the region and in the field as well.
"This deployment demonstrates the versatility of the FTS Systems, and their ability to support today's diverse broadband and wireless networks incorporating blends of PSTN, IP, 3G and 4G applications," said Dr. Akiti, Exempler CEO and founder
"To us 'This is their core competency'", Aziz said. "Convergence gave them a density advantage over the others. Exempler put lot of features into a single platform because it's a fully automated system."
"Instead of using one over the other, we got something physical network agnostic", he said.
With the Exempler FTS system, the PTCL operations staff will be able to automatically test and diagnose issues with call features, in real-time, from a centralized platform. This will enable PTCL to maintain 100% service levels, and make it possible to pinpoint, isolate and solve any problem that may arise, all in real-time.

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