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SnakeEyeSecurityTM (SES) is a powerful, yet easy to use video surveillance system. Unlike most systems on the market, the SES unit is dual cellular and wifi capable, giving it a truly global outreach. With SES intruders will be caught on video as soon as they enter the protected area. Surveillance videos can be viewed remotely using a browser or on your smart phone. And with our unique CameraShare® feature, you can share your video clips with other people.

Common Applications

Home surveillance
Business surveillance
Infrastructure surveillance
Worker monitoring
Vandal deterrent
Remote telepresence

Profile Functionality

Remote and local viewing

Video archiving

24/7 operation

Real-time video capturing and viewing

Works with or without internet connection

Automatic power outage recovery

Indoor and outdoor operation

Removable media video storage

Key benefits

Dual cellular wifi

Remote viewing

SMS alerts


Motion activated recording

Audio recording

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