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"Wateen-Warid Telecom selects Exempler for automated test and diagnostic of its 4G wireless network."

14th Dec 2009

Wateen-Warid is a leading WiMax Telecom company.

A leading provider of next generation solutions for consolidated testing of broadband, WLL and wireless networks, is pleased to announce the selection of FTS product line by Wateen telecom, a sister company of Warid Telecom, in Lahore Pakistan. The 4G Wimax networks of the Punjab, Sind and NWFP regions will receive Exempler equipment. Exempler equipment will help fulfill Wateen's long term strategy to meet the growing demand for multimedia 4G services in this region.
Exempler and Wateen have been working since early 2008 to develop a completely automated testing platform, the purpose of which is to provide enhanced quality of service to the subscribers, while lowering the operational expense. According to Tariq Malik, CEO of Wateen, automation, fast trouble shooting and ease of use for implementing the Exempler solution were the deciding factors in choosing Exempler. "Exempler fulfilled our primary requirements, ease of use in terms of implementation and high reliability.", "Exempler's versatile design and capability makes it ideal to be deployed in the labs and out in the field as well." Tariq Malik continues: "we have faced challenges in providing long term quality of service over multi-protocol complex network, and the need for automated test systems to guarantee call performance in real-time."
"The performance of the Exempler FTS system ensures Wateen the ability to adapt to changes in its network easily as the needs of its customers change in a rapidly growing market." Said Nauman Ahmad, Exempler's president of Global sales and business development. Wateen will take advantage of FTS systems ability to test and troubleshoot feature calls over wide range of networks,with multiple protocols and variety of physical interfaces as required by multimedia applications.

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