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 Products - Call-processing Test Library

Call-processing Test Library
The Call-processing Test Library (CTL) is a comprehensive automated suite of tests for telecom call feature testing. No matter the technology of your backbone network, GSM, CDMA, 4G, IMS and 5G you need to assure your costumers that all your call processing features work as advertised. With the call processing test library you can test all your supplementary features such as; 3-way call, call-forwarding, call-waiting automatically eliminating the need for a multi-shift testing staff. With the call processing test library you can shorten the time to bring your product to market. Built on proven technology, tests may run 24 by 7 by 365 to serve as a network Quality of Service (QoS) monitor. It also serves as an excellent regression suite and network certification tool.

Typical Call Features

A calls B
Call waiting
Caller number delivery
Three way calling
Call forwarding
Call rejection
Call forward busy
Automatic recall

Profile Functionality

Comprehensive automated test library

Industrial standard call processing feature tests

Excellent for regression, feature load and sanity testing

Build and run infinite test scenarios

Modular scripting language

Key Features

Code less scripting




Technology agnostic

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