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 Products - FTS-Desktop

Exempler's FTS-Desktop is a very capable test system that can be placed in a variety of test settings. Disguised in the chassis of a regular desktop PC, this comprehensive test system can test a heterogeneous network with varying interfaces from the most unlikely location such as your office desk. You can configure FTS-Desktop with a mix of LANDLINE, VOWIFI, VOLTE, CDMA, 5G and GSM devices. FTS-Desktop is ideal for the small company that is not ready to invest in a full blown lab, but still wants to have the confidence of delivering a well tested product.

Common Applications

End-to-end voice
End-to-end data
PBX and Gateways
Auto attendants
IVR and announcement servers
Application servers
Media Servers
Supplementary feature calls
Multi-technology based calls

Profile Functionality

Advanced Keyword-based scripting language.

Detailed call event logging.

Test control via web-based management system.

Optional test control via CLI.

Fully parameterized code less scripting.

Supports script cloning, labeling and commenting.

Control network elements with any script or program.

Technology Interfaces








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